Artist Statement

About Etching

Etching is a medium capable of great nuance. Etching is a flexible medium, demonstrating the power and resonance of black ink. I let the plates evolve slowly and they acquire histories – accidents, imperfections, traces where I have re-worked the image. My work is classical, in the tradition of Rembrandt, Piranesi, and Degas. I use simple tools. My interest lies in creating what one may call layered prints, prints in which the viewer has the sensation of looking into and through the blacks.

On Sculpture

My sculpture is classical in that it is form emphatic, and the forgework continues my involvement with the material aspects of steel. I am technically adept in traditional joinery and ornamental techniques and the forms I use in my sculpture derive in great part from shapes and assembly methods found in industrial and agricultural objects. Forged steel is a linear medium; hand forging imparts the warmth of touch; the forged line swells and diminishes as a drawn line. My sculpture is decidedly not conceptual; the meaning of each form has a direct relationship to how it is physically made.

For the past four years I have been thinking more volumetrically in sculpture, moving away from the linear aspects of steel alone.  To this end I am working in casting concrete, and in ceramic, sometimes firing the ceramic with steel in gas kilns, and other times high firing in a wood kiln.